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Freelance Job Opportunities

Educational Program Developer (Contract)

We are seeking a highly motivated and creative Educational Program Developer to join our team as a contract worker. As an Educational Program Developer, you will collaborate with our organization on a project basis, designing and developing innovative educational programs that align with our mission and vision. You will work remotely and have the flexibility to manage your time effectively to meet project deadlines.

- Conduct thorough research and analysis to identify educational needs and trends in the field.
- Collaborate with subject matter experts to develop comprehensive and engaging educational program content.
- Design and develop curriculum, lesson plans, and instructional materials for various educational levels and subjects.
- Incorporate effective instructional strategies, educational technologies, and interactive learning activities into program development.
- Ensure program content is aligned with learning objectives, standards, and best practices.
- Develop assessments and evaluation tools to measure learning outcomes and provide feedback for continuous improvement.
- Review and revise program content based on feedback, evaluation data, and emerging educational research.
- Stay abreast of advancements in educational technology, instructional methodologies, and best practices in curriculum development.

- Familiarity with current educational trends, standards, and best practices.
- Proficiency in using educational technologies and learning management systems.
- Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
- Strong project management and organizational abilities.
- Ability to work independently and manage time effectively to meet project deadlines.
- Creative thinking and problem-solving skills.
- Attention to detail and a commitment to producing high-quality educational programs.

Please send us your cv and resume to:


*This is a freelance job for anyone who wish to make an extra income.

Regional Manager (2 positions)
- UK/Europe
- Turkey, Cyprus, Greece

We are looking for vibrant individuals to join our team as Regional Manager for the UK/Europe, and Central Asia.

  • Must have experience with international travel.

  • Must live in a country within Europe or Asia.

•   Design travel programs tailored with the clients' preferences / budgets.
•    Work with Assistant Manager or Local Coordinator to meet clients when they arrive at the destination airport.
•    Coordinate transportation, accommodations, tours and activities for clients.
•    Advise clients on cultures, customs, weather and activities.
•    Build and maintains relationships with travel and tour vendors.
•    Contribute to company's efforts by accomplishing related tasks as needed.

Other preferred skills:
•    Strong interpersonal skills.
•    Excellent verbal and written communications skills.
•    Ability to negotiate effectively.
•    Excellent research skills.
•    Strong problem-solving skills.
•    Strong ability to manage time and prioritize tasks.
•    Working knowledge of domestic and international travel trends.
•    Ability to speak languages in addition to English.

Please send us your cv and resume to:


*This is a freelance job for anyone who wish to make an extra income and at the same time, enjoy travelling and meeting new people

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