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AND The benefits of having a local "buddy" or LOCAL travel companion WHEN TRAVELLING ABROAD

We are committed to providing you and/or your families with a safe and secure international travel experience. It is our belief that having on-the-ground person, or a "travel buddy" be with you is the best way to assure your safety and security during your travels. Each of our in-country “travel buddies” has a wealth of experience in international travel plus has in-depth knowledge of the country you are visiting. They certainly understand what it is like being abroad in a foreign land. However, their role is not that of a typical tour guide, rather, he/she is a person-on-the-ground at your destination who cares about you, not your cash, and is able to monitor your safety and provide support you throughout your time in your destination country. They are our companion advisors entrusted to make you and/or your families feel safe and secure.  We also closely monitor travel advisories and have protocols in place to address safety concerns. When you travel with us and have one of our "travel buddies" with you, you can rest assured that your safety is our top priority.


A "travel buddy" adds layer of safety and security and enhance your travel experience

  • Knowledge of the area: Our local "buddy" can provide insight into the local culture, customs, and geography of the area, which can help you avoid potentially dangerous situations.

  • Language skills: If you don't speak the local language, our travel "buddy" can help you communicate with locals and navigate any language barriers that may arise.

  • Avoiding dishonest merchants: Our local "buddy"  can help you avoid any dishonest merchants looking to take advantage of foreign travelers.

  • Familiarity with local transportation: Our local "buddy" can help you navigate local transportation system, which can be confusing and potentially dangerous if you're not familiar with them.

  • Insider knowledge of safe areas and activities: Our local "buddy"  can provide information about safe areas to visit and activities to participate in, helping you avoid potentially risky situations.

  • Emergency assistance: In the event of an emergency, our local "buddy" can help you navigate local emergency services and provide guidance on what to do and where to go for help.

All “travel buddies” are thoroughly screened with extensive background checks, plus each receives a thorough orientation and training on our concept of a “travel buddy”.  They must commit to carrying out their role as it has been explained to our clients.  Most “travel buddies” are individuals who have had prior connection with one or more of our ICGE Center staff, so they are NOT just a contract travel guide.  This concept is not currently available with other international travel services companies and we are excited to bring this new concept to you, one that will make what for many can be anxiety-producing experience into a comfortable international adventure. 


Contact us for a more in-depth explanation of how this “travel buddy” concept can enhance your travel.

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