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*Excellent way to immerse in a new culture while making a positive impact in the local community.

Choose from a wide range of philanthropic work, from teaching English to helping wildlife conservation efforts. 

Opportunity to make lasting contributions and connections with people from different backgrounds as well as contributing to global efforts to address social and environmental challenges.


While the experience can be challenging and sometimes overwhelming, the rewards of this program are numerous and can have a profound impact on both the philanthropists and the community they serve.

Teach English to Speakers of Other Languages

We partner with a number of educational institutions abroad. Choose your desired destination. Lasts for a maximum of 10 weeks.

Program Structure:

  • Teach English for a maximum of 2-3 hours per day, 3-4 days a week. 

  • Our partner will place you in the appropriate class to teach.

Image by uzumaki anam

Wildlife & Conservation

Spend 1 week to 6 months working for projects related to conservation from turtles, beach patrol, orang utan, or rainforest education.

Animal Rescue

Spend 2 weeks to 2 months helping at an animal shelter.

Animal Shelter
Food Delivery

Other volunteer programs

Disabled care
Elderly care
Other community care

*In honor of your contribution, you will receive a certificate of appreciation and any exclusive gifts you may be awarded.

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